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Mia Hienovirta - Second Income Coach

Welcome to my second income coach business blog

This is an awesome experience to me, and will be for you also. You’ll find a link to the main of my BLOG in the black menu bar on the top here… Read more about what I am doing right now.

First, listen to this!…

When you join in with this company called SIC (Second Income Coach)…

I will be there to help and guide you, step by step and you will also soon be up and running with your business, and then start blogging about a second income – just like me – and many other! You might even become one of our second income Video blogging Queens or Kings? Wouldn’t that be great, fun and educational? Do you like learning new things online? This is essential if you are going to become successful. You need to learn how to have fun, while you are working on your business and second income. If you do not find it fun and exciting, you will surely fail within your first 2 to 3 weeks. If you are able you’ll “hang in there” and be determent in your daily actions, you might “hang in there” for 2 to 3 months. When you pass this first “testing time” of your commitment to get your second income, you’ll get the right “hang of it all” and will be starting to enjoy to “get to work” – even on a Monday Morning. I’ll promise you that! There will not be any “bad Mondays” no more.

When you get to know your new “Second Income Coach Family”

and learn to know these different individuals who is working in this second income coach company, you will get going, full speed! So much, that you do not want to get to bed, when it is time. To get a good nights rest is as important, as working hard on your business when you are reaching for your second income. When you learn to love what you do, and work it out of joy, love and excitement, the results and your second income will follow! I have been there and seen it happen. I am not just ‘chit-chatting’ here with you, out of thin air. That wouldn’t fall into my mind. I will argue with you; when I know what I know! Now, it is up to you…

  • Have you ever thought about what your goals are in life and how to meet the requirements and expectations of them?
  • Have you ever thought about what your dreams and wishes are in life and what you would be willing to do if you could fulfill them?
  • Have you ever thought about helping other peoples unconditionally to reach their dreams, wishes and second income?

Just do one thing, right now for me; TAKE ACTION!

Second Income Coach

When you need a second income.


Your first step; “Join Second Income Coach!”

Talk to you soon,
Mia Hienovirta

If you are already in the Second Income Coach System, please add your comments below and tell other people who are new to SIC – about YOUR experiences from the Second Income Coachsystem, and how it has worked for you.


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